Cityringen, Copenhagen

Client: Copenhagen Metro Team joint venture (SALINI-IMPREGILO, TECNIMONT and S.E.L.I.)
Service: Design Coordination & Monitoring
General data: Keep record of design progress; Identify criticalities and inefficiencies; Advise on remedial actions; Station Leaders interface; Design coordination and review; Management of Client’s comments; Re-design coordination and management; Management of Client requirements; Site criticalities resolution; Site supervision and support; Technical assessment and support for claim issued by the Client.

Excavation in close proximity of existing buildings, 21 underground structures, 17 km of tunnels, TBM excavations.

Fully automated driverless metro ring line under the central part of Copenhagen. The line consist of two single track tunnels each approximately 17,4 km in length made by TBM, 17 underground stations with island platforms at a depth of 30 meters, 4 cross over facilities connecting to the existing network and 3 construction and ventilation shafts.

During the design phase, Andermann Engineering performed Design Monitoring function on a daily basis alongside the design team directly in the Client's offices, before moving to the Design Coordination during the construction phase, with the continuous presence of on-site units to manage project and on-site critical aspects, providing constant support and exclusively dedicated to the on-site coordination of the various operating units, to solve design problems and supervision of the various stages of construction.