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Andermann Engineering, with its multi-disciplinary structure, is able to develop integrated projects to the Client needs and in compliance with technical, environmental and good practice standards, quality levels and predetermined budget and time limits.

The activity is characterized by a strong coordination action, managed by a Project Coordinator, and a thorough design-review internal activity.

Where required, Andermann Engineering offers testing services and specific technical review of private projects in order to highlight strengths and any weaknesses to integrate or manage before the execution of the works themselves, thus limiting the impact of any variations of cost and time.

As for the construction management, the work team will be managed by a General Work Supervisor who will oversee the activities of Specialistic Work Supervisors.

Andermann Engineering also offers Safety Coordination services during the design and execution of the works, as well as the work supervision.

As regards the testing activities, similarly the designated Tester will manage any specialist appointed for the purpose.

In detail, the activities of Andermann Engineering in this area are the following:


Concept, preliminary and detailed design in building and infrastructural fields

Architectural, structural and M&E design

Design optimization for constructability

Safety coordination and works supervision

Fire protection design

Drafting of shop and as-built drawings

Technical and administrative testing upon completion