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Design services and project management performed by Andermann Engineering guarantee optimization and coordination of specialized aspects thanks to the use of processes based on the B.I.M. methodology - Building Information Modeling, implemented by Project Team internal specialists.

The development in B.I.M. of an integrated engineering-architectural project ensures the optimization of resources, ensures compliance with the timelinesminimizes errors and interference, facilitates changes managementreduces time and design and construction costs.

Both in the case of already begun design or starting process, Andermann Engineering proposes many services that can be customized according to specific needs and requirements of the project.

Even during Use and Management of the Opera, both newly built or existing, it recommends the use of B.I.M. Thanks to the centralization and uniqueness of information of the Opera, the B.I.M. digitization facilitates all operations of Facility Management and Asset Management for the entire life cycle, from the spaces management to the schedule of maintenance operations and the end of life (disposal or renewal).


BIM design and simulation in preliminary, detailed and final design phases

BIM Authoring – BIM parametric modeling from 3D to 7D, also starting from the processed 2D supplied by the Client