About Us

Andermann Engineering is the result of a long-term experience, gathered over more than 20 years in the field of public works, with the aim of supporting public and private Clients, developers, designers and contractors in the entire decision-making and realization process of a work, taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge gained in the management of national and international stature projects.

The company is specialized in offering engineering and project management integrated services and guarantes up to date know-how in the field of civil engineering, plants engineering and structures. The aim is to achieve shared objectives through a multidisciplinary structure, specialized and focused on the added value of a coordination process, based on values ​​of quality and transparency.

Andermann Engineering operates in civil, geotechnical, structural and industrial engineering, as well as in architecture and advanced building technologies.

The company has within it an organizational structure made up of professionals specialized in various disciplines, with many years of experience in various fields and contexts. Each discipline is managed by a Team Leader who ensures the achievement of objectives through an operating process and an effective quality control.

Also, company skills are ensured through national and international certifications (PMP ®, Prince®, Fire Protection, Environmental Acoustics, Safety, Energy Efficiency Improvement) and through the constant professional updating.



The international experience of Andermann Engineering staff allows it to provide services on international projects with the understanding of local peculiarities, needs and challenges